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Magic and Heat TV stations added to Freesat

Freesat has today added another two music stations to its channel line-up.

Following on from the recent addition of Kiss, The Box, Smash Hits and Kerrang TV on Freesat, sister channels Heat and Magic have been added to Freesat channels 520 and 523 respectively.

Both channels offer a jukebox style service along the lines of their radio counterparts, not currently carried on Freesat. Heat offers pop music alongside the latest celebrity news and gossip. Magic offers a more mellow and mature blend of music.

The channels are part of the Bauer Media portfolio of brands and operated by Box TV, a joint venture between Bauer and Channel 4. The last remaining Box TV operated channel, 4Music, is rumoured to be joining Freesat later this year.

The Box, Magic and Kerrang still broadcast in 4:3 aspect ratio.

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