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CNN International prepares for summer HD launch

There’s an update to this story

CNN International has been teasing viewers looking forward to its forthcoming high definition service, launching in June.

CNN weather presenter Ivan Cabrera posted images on Facebook of the newsroom and gallery at CNN Center in Atlanta, USA  which have been recently renovated ahead of the channel making the switch to HD. The channel will also feature new studios.

The channel recently won the RTS award for News Channel of the Year, but has drawn criticism from some viewers for devoting too much time on non-news programmes, with sports programming being scheduled instead of news bulletins at certain times of the day.

UK viewers will have to wait until an official announcement is made by CNN to find out which digital platforms will carry CNN International HD.

Internationally, CNN's biggest English language competitor, BBC World News relaunched in January with new studios and a new look. BBC World News is currently only available in HD in parts of the Asia-Pacific region.


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