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Another rock station for DAB

TeamRock DAB digital radio
A new commercial rock radio station is coming to DAB digital radio multiplex Digital One next month. Team Rock will soft launch in May and over time feature a host of presenters, music programmes and regular documentaries dedicated to specific audiences within the rock genre.

Team Rock Limited (Team Rock) is a new company founded by Billy Anderson, former regional director at GMG Radio and chaired by John Myers, the former Chief Executive of GMG Radio.

Rock station Team Rock hit the headlines today because it plans to be the first commercial station that doesn't carry spot advertising. Rather, the station will rely on sponsorships and promotions.

Digital One already broadcasts Bauer Media's Planet Rock. Several local DAB multiplexes also carry Absolute Classic Rock and Kerrang.

Commentators note the the Digital One multiplex is already full of other stations, heightening rumours that another station will have to close or reduce its bitrate to make way for Team Rock. Northern Irish DAB listeners will need to wait a little longer for Team Rock: it will arrive in the province later this year when extra Digital One transmitters are switched on.


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