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Absolute 60s and Absolute Classic Rock withdrawn from several DAB multiplexes

update Absolute Radio has confirmed that its 1960s music station Absolute 60s is to be withdrawn from five local DAB multiplexes starting from Tuesday 23rd April. Sister station Absolute Classic Rock is also being withdrawn.

Listeners to Absolute 60s and Absolute Classic Rock in Ayr, South East Devon (Exeter), North Devon (Barnstaple)*, South East Wales (Cardiff, Newport), West Wiltshire (Bath/Swindon) and Coventry will no longer be able to listen on DAB digital radio. The stations continue to be available online and in high quality on their respective websites.

According to a post by Absolute 60s this afternoon on Facebook, the withdrawal from DAB in these areas is a result of a review of the station's broadcast platforms.

Transmissions on DAB in London, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Hull, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, York, Harrogate, Blackburn, Preston, Blackpool, Bolton and Lancaster are unaffected. With the exception of the Hull area, the Absolute 60s broadcasts in mono on DAB.

This is the latest cutback from Absolute Radio on DAB digital radio. As previously reported, the broadcaster will be turning Absolute 80s into a mono station from next month on the national commercial Digital One multiplex.

*North Devon isn't mentioned by Absolute Radio, however the DAB multiplex for North Devon broadcasting from Huntshaw Cross transmitter is a simulcast of the South East Devon multiplex and any changes made affect both multiplexes.

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