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UTV HD on satellite delayed - launch now expected by end of 2013

The long awaited launch of an HD simulcast of Northern Irish channel 3 licensee UTV on satellite appears to have been delayed again.

The channel is now responding to viewer correspondence indicating that "commercial reasons" are holding back the launch of UTV HD on Sky and Freesat. UTV HD is now expected to join ITV HD on satellite before the end of 2013.

Scottish counterpart STV has also delayed adding STV HD to Sky and Freesat line-ups, although an HD simulcast of STV (STV West/Glasgow version) is already available on satellite. It is not known when STV HD will formally launch on satellite.

Both STV HD and UTV HD are available on Freeview HD channel 103 and cable in their respective licence areas.

Last March, UTV and STV reached an agreement with ITV plc paving the way for STV HD and UTV HD to launch on satellite. Back then, it was indicated that the HD channels would be available by the end of 2012. Then UTV mentioned that it would have its HD service on satellite before the end of June 2013.

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  1. These lazy people need to lose there channel 3 licence in Northern Ireland and it to be handed to ITV and for all the big wigs in UTV to be sacked also they are a farce and joke

  2. I have herd that ulster tv hd will be on freesat and sky in the first week of November can any body confirm this



    1. You'll find more information about UTV HD's November launch at, first published on the 13th September.


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