The UKTV name returns to our screens

New UKTV logo
Five years after it was phased out from TV screens across the UK, the UKTV name is to return to services operated by the 10 channel network owned by BBC Worldwide and Scripps Networks.

Following the success of the rebrand from UKTV G2 to Dave, UKTV ditched the UKTV name from its channels in favour of unusual channel names including Blighty, Eden and Alibi. Now it has become clear that viewers don't link the various UKTV channels together, despite UKTV offering a larger range of channels on some digital TV platforms than ITV or Channel 4, which is seen as an undesirable situation by branding experts.

From 26th March 2013, the UKTV brand will re-appear on-air in cross promotion menus, programme opening and closing credits, co-branded consumer advertising and throughout all business-to-business communications. Actual channel names such as "Dave" and "Really" will remain.

The pre-2008 UKTV logo and branding
According to UKTV, 2012 proved to be a record-breaking year for the 10 channel network with it becoming the fastest growing commercial broadcaster of the year and increasing its audience share by 10% from the previous year.

UKTV's Marketing Director, Simon Michaelides and Director of Network Marketing, Kerry Yates led the creative brief while the new UKTV logo and brand assets have been designed by Landor Associates.
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  1. Some More Channels Should Come To Freeview Mybe
    G.O.L.D or Watch

    1. Watch is the most "premium" of UKTV's pay TV channel portfolio. Watch going free to air would shock me!


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