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10th April: Granada region Freeview retune day

UPDATE 21:23 Viewers in the Granada TV region are having to retune Freeview today to regain all TV channels following changes to frequencies used to transmit TV to enable new 4G mobile phone services to launch later this year in the 800 MHz frequency range.

After interruptions to programming last night during which changes were made at transmitters across the region, the frequencies used to broadcast most of the BBC's services as well as channels including Pick TV, Sky News and Dave were changed.

For some viewers receiving from a relay, other channels are affected.

Most viewers were able to retune after 6am this morning to restore channels, but some viewers relying on a signal from a relay transmitter had to wait a little longer.
The retune is part of a national programme being undertaken out on a region-by-region basis. Other retune events to clear frequencies for 4G mobile took place today in Keighley and Skipton in Yorkshire and Halesowen in the West Midlands.

Up to 3 million homes have been affected by the retune event, but TV's connected to satellite or cable services are unaffected.

"First Time Installation" retune

Missing BBC channels will be one of the most common issues affecting viewers who have not retuned, or not retuned correctly, with a "first time installation" required on some receivers to restore normal service if a regular retune fails. On some receivers, this is labeled "factory reset", however viewers should check their receiver's instruction manual before commencing. Particularly on Freeview+ recorders, a factory reset will delete any scheduled recordings. Such retunes delete the old channel list completely and a new channel list is created from scratch.

A library of instruction guides for different makes and models is found at and scrolling down the page.

See also: If all else fails:  A guide to clear your receiver's channel memory and start again from scratch using manual retuning >

Wrong region concerns
There are concerns that viewers retuning may have difficulties with receivers picking up Welsh services from the nearby Moel-Y-Parc transmitter in North East Wales instead of the correct local service. Welsh versions of BBC One, ITV and the Welsh S4C channel appear on channels 1, 3 and 4 instead of the usual English regional services.

Viewers are invited to visit for advice on manual retuning if the wrong regional service has been stored by the receiver following the retune. Using the official Digital UK postcode database, viewers can determine where their TV signal is coming from and obtain the relevant "UHF channels" used by their local transmitter for manual retuning.

From the main Winter Hill transmitter, the BBC's channels are now on UHF channel 50, with Sky News, Pick TV, Challenge, Dave and others now on UHF channel 49.

Newer Freeview HD receivers allow viewers to select the relevant TV region, where more than one regional/national TV service is detected during the retune.

Viewers who need further help and assistance are invited to call the Digital UK helpline on
0845 6 50 50 50.
Calls to 0845 numbers from a BT landline will cost around 2p a minute, unless part of a bundle (6p less than a standard local rate daytime call), but calls from mobiles will be significantly higher.

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  1. cannot get bbc1 or bbc2 after retuning Freeview on my tv that has built in Freeview, any suggestions

    1. Hello. A few questions to help diagnosis: Have you tried the "if all fails" approach mentioned in the article? Do you have BBC Three/Four or BBC News in the line up still? What's the make and model of the TV?


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