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Preston local licence awarded to Your TV

YourTV Blackpool and Preston has been awarded the Preston local TV licence by Ofcom following a successful bid hot on the heals of its sister station's success in winning the Manchester local TV licence. It's the last of the first phase of local TV licence awards which started in the autumn.

There were just two applicants for the Preston licence: YourTV and Metro 8.
The infrastructure will be in place to launch the new channel on Freeview channel 8 during the autumn.

In its application, YourTV stated "We intend broadcasting 24hours a day, seven days a week, from launch. Our play-out technology enables us to do this at realistic cost. We also hope to use off peak hours to subtitle content in other locally spoken languages. We have held discussions with Spectrum Radio who have experience in multi-language broadcasting."

Welcoming today's announcement, YourTV Chairman Sir Michael Lyons said he was glad that YourTV’s "ambitious plans and strong local roots were being recognised" by Ofcom.

The former BBC Trust chairman added: "With the award of Manchester and now the Blackpool / Preston licence to YourTV, we believe our offerings in both areas will be even stronger.
A second licence, particularly one within such geographic proximity, gives us a fantastic opportunity for each station to share knowledge and reduce back room and other administration costs, ensuring an even greater investment in content and quality programming."
Coverage (c) Ofcom

The channel will be broadcast on a new Freeview multiplex operated by Comux UK, beamed North-westwards from the Winter Hill transmitter in the direction of Preston and the Flyde (see image). As the service will share the same frequency as local TV services for Liverpool and Manchester broadcasting from Winter Hill, the signal will dramatically drop off along a line stretching from Charnock Richard services on the M6 across to Southport.

Once the multiplex is live later this year, local households will need to retune their Freeview TV or box in order to add the service.

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