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Freesat Freetime boxes get YouTube update ahead of Thursday launch

freesat freetime epg
Freesat < free time > boxes are being updated today in preparation for YouTube going live tomorrow, Thursday 7th March.

The Humax-manufacturered PVRs will be able to display full screen YouTube videos and can be fully personalised with your uploads, playlists and favourites and you can even synch it with your phone, according to Freesat.

As part of the software update being transmitted to < free time > boxes to facilitate YouTube, various bug fixes are being applied:

  • Fixed first recording failure after unit is in standby overnight
  • Fixed Resume issue when playing back recordings
  • Improved Aspect Ratio on Video playback
  • Time Shift Recording improvements
  • Improved issues with Instant Reply during playback
  • Wi-Fi driver Improvement
  • Improved Trick player after changing channels
  • Resolved searching for channels or using Non freesat mode deletes timers.
  • Start-up improvements
  • Hang-up improvements
  • Conflict Resolution improvements
  • Resolved Dynamic channel update issue
  • HDD Storage display improved
  • Fixed HDD format message appearing when Installation Wizard is not completed
  • Series Recording Improvements
  • BBC iplayer Improvements
  • itv Player improvements
  • Improved “Showing Again” information
  • Improved broadcast file/data collection
  • Video Playback improvements
  • MHEG Improvement
  • Resolved issue when exiting TV portal
  • Compress IP data collection

There is still no word on when 4oD or Demand 5 will appear on the  < free time > platform.

No additional services are planned for regular Freesat HD or Freesat+ receivers.
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