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Film 4 timeshift channel to return to Freeview

Channel 4 has confirmed the impending return of Film4+1 to Freeview.

Film4+1 was available for a short time on Freeview from late 2006 when it reused capacity previously allocated to notorious phone-in channel Quiz Call. It lasted until 19th August 2007, when the channel was removed to make way for Channel 4's main timeshift service Channel 4+1, which launched on the 20th August 2007.

Film 4+1 has continued in the meantime on cable and satellite platforms.

On Twitter, the broadcaster confirmed that Film4+1 will return to the terrestrial platform "in the summer". It is unknown where the capacity for the channel will come from.

UPDATE: 01/08/2013. Film4+1 launches on 27/08/2013 on Freeview channel 45.

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  1. better of launching a new channel, why? waste

  2. Will Film 4 Plus 1 be available on Freeview in Wales?

    1. unless it's using the 13th slot on the SDN multiplex, which is taken in Wales by E4, yes...

  3. i wonder if espn will end and film4 will launch on ch 34?
    just a guess

    1. That wouldn't be permitted under current Digital UK EPG rules.

  4. can't believe top up tv is still around

  5. anding more channel coming freeview in apil


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