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YourTV to launch in Manchester

Ofcom has awarded the licence to run a local TV station in Manchester to Your TV.

YourTV, backed by former BBC Trust member Sir Michael Lyons, fought off competition from four other competitors for the licence. The station will broadcast across Greater Manchester from the Winter Hill transmitter, and is expected to launch within the next 12 months, possibly by October 2013.

YourTV Manchester will broadcast on Freeview channel 8. Manchester has been without a local station since the demise of GMG's Channel M.

Losing applicants - Manchester:
Made in Manchester
Manchester News Channel
Metro 8 Manchester

YourTV Manchester Chairman David McKeith said: "I am so pleased that we have the opportunity to put into action the aims and ambitions of our broadcast team. They have worked incredibly hard to gauge the feelings of the local communities that make up the city and have explored how their hopes and aspirations can be reflected on screen.

YourTV indicative schedule.
Indicative schedule for YourTV Manchester: click to enlarge
As we said in our application, ‘the programming output will be a service for all walks of life because it will be created by people from all walks of life.’ This will be an exciting time leading up to the on air launch of the service towards the end of the year."

YourTV Chairman Sir Michael Lyons responded: "We are delighted that Ofcom has endorsed our proposal and approach to local television in this vibrant city. With many other local TV licences still to be decided upon soon, including several other YourTV applications, this is an exciting time for viewers and broadcasters alike and one which we are confident YourTV can play a great part in."

Improved coverage
According to Ofcom coverage notes, the new local TV multiplex carrying YourTV looks set to offer better coverage of the Manchester area compared to Channel M's former service.

YourTV Manchester coverage area
Manchester Local TV coverage (c) Ofcom
Existing Freeview channels broadcasting in the Manchester area only from Channel 50 onward are not affected by the launch of YourTV and a new local TV multiplex. Manchester will have two multiplexes broadcasting extra Freeview channels to the city, meaning that Manchester viewers will have access to more channels on Freeview than anywhere else in the country.

Local TV licences for Leeds, Liverpool and Preston are still to be awarded as part of the first stage of local TV licence awards.

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