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Square 1 faces Ofcom sanction after multiple breach of code

Ofcom has confirmed that it will be considering several breaches of the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) Code when imposing a statutory sanction on Square 1 Management, who hold the licence to the service currently on Freeview channel 32.

The breaches occurred during three simulcasts of the Psychic Today service on Freeview channel 32 during May and June 2012, whereby the programme broke two of the BCAP Code rules regulating psychic programmes on TV, including advertising claims of accuracy.

Satellite TV channels Fitness TV and Sumo TV who also simulcasted the service have also been found in breach of the code.

Freeview channel 32 was at that point branded "Big Deal" and showed Psychic Today alongside teleshopping. It has since been re-named MovieMix and now relies on a programme block supplied by More>Movies owner Sony Entertainment Television.

Broadcast Bulletin in full:
http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/enforcement/broadcast-bulletins/obb224/obb224.pdf >
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  1. will this mean that movie mix will close on ch 32?

    1. Not necessarily. Licence revocation is not the only sanction.

  2. is movies mix more new number channel


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