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RT HD launch on Freesat - imminent

Moscow-based news channel RT is poised to go live in HD on Freesat. The channel launched an HD version around the world on the 16th December 2012. It appeared on the Sky EPG last month, but until now has only been available in "non-Freesat" mode via Freesat satellite receivers.

Programme data for the HD channel has begun to appear on the Freesat EPG. This is traditionally the first sure sign of the inclusion of a channel on Freesat, and was one of the giveaway clues ahead of the launch of Sky News on the platform last December.

RT HD will replace the standard definition version of RT on Freesat channel 206 on Freesat HD receivers once it officially launches (expected later this week). It will become Freesat's sixth HD channel* after BBC One HD, BBC HD, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD and NHK World HD.

The satellite platform announced today that it had achieved 3 million sales of its equipment since launch and added an extra 55,000 households during July, August and September 2012. Freesat also confirmed that YouTube would be available on the latest < free time > receivers later this year.

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*fifth for viewers in the UTV and STV channel 3 regions. UTV HD and STV HD are still scheduled to launch this year, with a long-overdue announcement about the availability of the HD simulcasts on satellite anticipated.  Viewers in these regions can access ITV HD in non-Freesat mode.
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