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Nearly two thirds of the UK population could get 10 extra Freeview HD channels

An extra 10 HD channels on Freeview could be on the way following today's announcement by Ofcom, in which it proposes to award a licence to operate two digital television multiplexes using frequencies that are temporarily available until the end of 2018.

But not all viewers would be able to receive the service. Subject to the outcome of the current consultation on the matter, up to 30 TV transmitter sites would offer the extra multiplexes, and therefore the extra channels.

According to Ofcom, nearly two thirds of the UK population - up to 65.7% - would be able to receive the extra Freeview HD channels if all 30 of the designated transmitter sites are used.  This would increase to 71% of the population if viewers in fringe or overlap areas between transmitters realigned their aerials or installed an extra aerial pointing at the transmitter mast broadcasting the extra services, instead of the transmitter they currently receive services from.

In comparison, over 1100 transmitter sites are used to broadcast the basic range of Freeview channels across 98.5% of the UK population. 81 sites are used to broadcast the full range of Freeview channels to around 90% of the UK.

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