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Leeds local TV licence awarded: Made TV successful again

UPDATED 16:56 Made Television has been awarded another local TV licence by Ofcom. Following on from successful bids to run local TV in Bristol, Cardiff and Newcastle, today's award means that Leeds will now be home to "Made in Leeds" on Freeview channel 8 from later this year.

In one of the most hotly contested local TV licence award rounds, Made Television fought off competition from Leeds TV, part of a media group who operate Yorkshire Radio, as well as "Metro 8", "Your TV Leeds" and "North".

According to its website, Made In Leeds will launch in November on Freeview and cable.

Station Head Isi Abebe responded to the news of the licence, saying: "We're delighted to have been awarded the licence to run this service, and even more excited for the future. Our bid could not have been successful without the support of our partners: Leeds Metropolitan University, Trinity Leeds, The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds Civic Trust, Leeds Community Foundation, and many other groups who strive tirelessly to make this city what it is, and whose work Made In Leeds will celebrate and promote.

We've worked hard for over eighteen months to put together a team, to develop programming proposals, and establish local partnerships.

Made In Leeds is going to raise the bar in this great city, giving people a bold new platform to share their stories, learn about one another, show off their talent and their potential. The hard work starts now."

Made Television's CEO Jamie Conway said: "Leeds is an exciting, dynamic city which has an abundance of talent and potential, and the opportunity to have a Freeview TV channel dedicated to the city is long overdue.  Add to that our plans to deliver content and interaction across tablets, mobiles, IPTV and VOD services as well as our second-screen strategies, and we’re confident that the people of Leeds will be engaging with us as soon as we launch."

In its application, Made In Leeds stated that the station would include "8 hours of live content every week alongside a daily magazine show and a weekly sports programme - all broadcast from purpose-built Television studios at The Leeds Media & Broadcasting Centre, Leeds."

Coverage (c) Ofcom
The station's Freeview signal will cover Leeds, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Bradford, Burnley, Barnsley, Wakefield, Castleford, Pontefract and Selby using television transmitters at Emley Moor and Beecroft Hill.

Some viewers in York may also be able to receive the signal from the Emley Moor transmitter, according to indicative coverage maps from Ofcom.

A new digital TV multiplex will be launched by local TV multiplex operator Comux UK to carry the channel, alongside up to two further channels to the region. Once the multiplex is live later this year, local households will need to retune their Freeview TV or box in order to add the service, which will be located on Freeview channel 8.

Indicative prime-time schedule - click or touch to enlarge.


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