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Kiss now permanent on Digital One

Kiss FM owner Bauer Media has today confirmed that it is dropping the station from local DAB multiplexes, following the recent inclusion of Kiss on national commercial DAB multiplex Digital One.

Today's announcement confirms that the already up-and-running service on Digital One is no longer a "test transmission", as indicated by in December.

As reported here on the 27th December 2012, Kiss first appeared on Digital One nearly two months ago using the slot previously used by Smooth Xmas.

In recent weeks, there have been reports on internet forums that Kiss has already been dropped off local multiplexes in the Wolverhampton and Bristol areas. The move is seen by some as controversial, as the Digital One transmission is in mono, while the original transmissions on local DAB multiplexes is in stereo.

However, the move to the national Digital One multiplex increases the overall national DAB coverage of the station by 21% to 85% of the UK population. On Freeview, it's service on the commercial multiplex Arqiva B enjoys around 90% population coverage.

Digital One is available across much of England, Wales and Scotland and is to expand into Northern Ireland later this year, where Kiss is currently also present on the local digital radio multiplex.

Steve Parkinson, Bauer Media managing director, said of the move: "By being able to transmit nationally across the country, we can realise our next ambition to be the first young targeted station available on DAB right across Britain. Whether on analogue or digital, whether through the TV or via an app, we have more ambition yet to come for Kiss, and we look forward to a successful and busy 2013."

Kiss targets a 15-34 year old audience and is in competition with Global Radio's Capital, who have recently expanded their DAB digital radio coverage into Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.


  1. Heart would be even better candidate for nationalising tho its owned by rival Global.

    its a national fm licence wannabe, pest to localisation and heart national get what they ultimately want minus breakfast and drive!


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