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East Midlands and Oxfordshire Freeview viewers gear up for 29th May retune

Retune required to keep watching BBC EMT on Freeview
Most viewers in the East Midlands and Oxfordshire will need to retune Freeview on the 29th May in order to continue receiving all available channels.

The retune is part of a national programme to clear the airwaves in preparation for the launch of new 4G/LTE mobile services using frequencies previously used for TV; auctioned off by Ofcom earlier this year.

East Midlands
The changes will affect Freeview viewers who have "East Midlands Today" as their regional news on BBC One.

The majority of viewers across the region will need to retune their receivers on Wednesday 29th May, in order to continue watching BBC One East Midlands alongside the remaining non-HD BBC channels, as a result of frequency changes at the East Midlands TV transmitter at Waltham, near Melton Mowbray. 

There will be interruptions to Freeview during the early hours of the 29th, but it will be safe to retune after 6am. An exception are viewers receiving from relay transmitters:

Relay transmitters
Parts of Nottingham, Stamford and areas within Derbyshire Dales and Amber Valley districts are served by masts relaying the signal from Waltham.

Most viewers receiving from a relay will experience loss of service on Freeview until their local relay has been reset to receive the new frequency from Waltham, but will not need to retune (except in parts of Belper and the Derbyshire Dales). According to Digital UK - the organisation overseeing the changes - normal service will resume by no later than 3pm.

Viewers receiving from the relay masts in Belper, Birchover and Stanton Moor (serving parts of the Matlock / Bakewell and Monyash area), will need to retune after 11am (3pm in Birchover) to restore any missing channels.

In Oxfordshire, the frequency used by the Beckley transmitter near Oxford to transmit Freeview channels such as Quest, QVC and 5* is changing on the 29th. By 6am, viewers can retune to restore services. There are no other changes in Oxfordshire.

Technical Summary:
Main transmitters:
Oxford (Beckley)
SDN multiplex (QVC, Quest, 5* etc) moves from UHF ch62 to ch50. 
Interruptions to services before 6am. Retune after 6am.
Waltham (East Midlands)
BBC-A (BBC 1,2 etc) moves from UHF ch61 to ch49. 
Interruptions to services before 6am. Retune after 6am.
East Midlands Relay sites:
As a result of the work at the main Waltham transmitter, all relays of Waltham will have interruptions to Freeview until they are reprogrammed to relay BBC Freeview channels from the new frequency at Waltham. Normal service will be restored by 3pm at the latest.
With the exception of the following three relays, no retune will be needed: 
D3&4 (ITV, C4, C5 etc) moves from UHF ch62 to UHF ch50
BBC-A (BBC1,2 etc)  moves from UHF ch49 to UHF ch39
Stanton Moor
D3&4 (ITV, C4, C5 etc) moves from ch62 to UHF ch50

Missing channels, wrong regional news?
Viewers who are unsuccessful in restoring all channels may need to do a "first time installation" or "factory reset" and start again.

Digital UK is overseeing the retune event. Viewers who find themselves receiving the wrong regional programmes after retuning should visit the Digital UK postcode checker at www.digitaluk.co.uk to find manual retuning information for their postcode area.

Alternatively, Digital UK can be contacted over the phone. The Digital UK helpline is available on 0845 6 50 50 50.
Calls to 0845 numbers from a BT landline will cost around 2p a minute, unless part of a bundle (6p less than a standard local rate daytime call), but calls from mobiles will be significantly higher.

a516digital is not affiliated to Digital UK and provides this information as a public service.  

Find out more about 4G clearance retunes across the UK >


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