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Digital One in N.I.: The Consultation Questions

Before Ofcom gives the green light for Arqiva/Digital One to extend its transmission into Northern Ireland, interested parties are invited to participate in a consultation and answer up to five questions:

Q1. Do you think that allowing Digital One to extend the coverage area of its national radio multiplex licence to include Northern Ireland would be calculated to maintain or promote the development of digital sound broadcasting in the UK otherwise than by satellite? Please explain the reasons for your view.

Q2. Do you think that Digital One’s proposals for providing coverage of Northern Ireland are satisfactory? Please explain the reasons for your view.

Q3. Do you consider that Digital One has the ability to maintain its national radio multiplex service if its request is granted? Please explain the reasons for your view.

Q4. (For programme service providers on the national radio multiplex, and the holder of the Northern Ireland local radio multiplex licence and its service providers only) Do you consider that there are sufficient safeguards in place to protect your rights and interests in the event that Digital One is permitted to extend coverage to include Northern Ireland?

Q5. Do you consider that there any other grounds on which Ofcom should approve, or not approve the request from Digital One? Please explain the reasons for your view...

Interested parties can download the full consultation and response forms at

Deadline for responses: 14/03/2013.

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