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DAB digital radio tests reach Beds, Bucks and Hertfordshire

(updated) Following test transmissions spanning a fortnight, the new local DAB digital radio multiplex serving Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire is ready to launch this Thursday, 14th February 2013.

  Coverage maps below

The multiplex is labelled "HBB & Northants" and is transmitting on VHF block 10D from Bedfordshire's Sandy Heath transmitter, plus additional transmitters at Bow Brickhill, Zouches Farm and Epping Forest. Further transmitters are expected to go live later this year expanding coverage further plus a sister multiplex serving Northamptonshire.

The part of the "HBB & Northants" multiplex going live this week will carry BBC 3CR alongside Global Radio's Capital, Heart and Gold stations serving the region. In a surprise move, local community radio station MKFM is also joining the new DAB multiplex, which will fill in gaps in local radio coverage on the digital platform between London and the Midlands.
Further local DAB multiplexes will also launch later this year in North East Wales and in Derbyshire as well as the other half of the HBB & Northants multiplex serving more of Northamptonshire.

Ahead of the launch, the multiplex is offering smooth music under the label "D Love" - the name of the Digital Radio UK mascot pictured above. The multiplex launch, is of course, on Valentine's Day...

Update: Map showing interim coverage of the HBB multiplex by the end of February - Epping Forest will go live later, visit: 

Beds, Bucks and Herts coverage once all planned transmitters are on air

Local DAB coverage planned for the Northants multiplex. (Ofcom/Arqiva)
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  1. I been using this multiplex with factory fitted DAB car radio and the results are very poor.Massive drop outs in Berkhamsted, Chesham, Watford, Amersham.


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