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Could Argos TV be about to close?

Reports are circulating that shopping channel Argos TV could be closed down soon.

Teleshopping channel website, which has links to people in the teleshopping industry, is this evening reporting a tip-off from an Argos TV staff member, which states that the Argos Executive has taken the "decision to propose the closure of Argos TV."

According to the tip-off, the Argos Executive have made the decision to focus resources on other areas within their current digital strategy.

Argos TV is available on various digital TV platforms, and launched in an evening slot on Freeview channel 55 last September. It is also available 24 hours a day in the Manchester area via the Manchester Television Network on Freeview channel 54.


  1. i knew this would not last, i wonder what will
    replace this on freeview ch 55, more shopping tv?

  2. Order number 55 please leave the Freeview checkout area!


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