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AT800 confirms TV 4G interference mitigation plans

On the day Ofcom announced the winners of the auction that sold off the former TV frequencies for 4G mobile use, Freeview interference mitigation company  DMSL / AT800 has confirmed that it is running pilots ahead of commercial 4G services in the 800 MHz band to gauge the effect on Freeview signals.

While not elaborating more detail about the pilots, AT800 has confirmed that householders who will be affected by the 4G signal interference will be notified no later than four weeks before the relevant local 4G transmitter goes live and that it will endeavour to restore free-to-air TV access to affected households as a "matter of urgency".

In a statement, AT800 reassured consumers that "this is an issue that will not affect the vast majority of the British public."

"Where interference may occur, we'll provide filters to identified households before 4G services go live and special plans are being put in place for people that may need additional support, in a similar way to the support offered for the digital switchover. If a filter fails to address the issue then we will work with homeowners to restore their free-to-air TV as a matter of urgency."

The auction result confirms the companies in charge of DMSL/AT800 as being EE, Telefonica (O2), Vodafone and Hutchison 3G (Three).

Before 4G services can go live later this spring/summer, remaining Freeview services still broadcast in the 800 MHz band are to be moved. As a result, viewers will need to retune their Freeview receivers in parts of the Anglia, Border, Central, Granada, Meridian, STV Central, STV North, Wales, West and Westcountry regions in the coming months in order to continue watching channels which have had to change frequency.
Full details within the 4G clearance retunes section >


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