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Viewers "Like" Classic CITV Channel Idea

Nostalgic viewers have started a Facebook movement to pursuade ITV to launch a classic kid's TV channel.

It comes as ITV opens its archives this weekend to celebrate 30 years of Children's ITV, screening two days of memorable children's programmes from the 80s, 90s and early 00s. The so-called "Old Skool Weekend"  is showing episodes of Press Gang, The Tomorrow People and Children's Ward alongside classics such as Fraggle Rock, Rosie and Jim and My Parents Are Aliens on the CITV channel.

Viewing figures released on Sunday confirm that the CITV channel was watched by up to 4.6% of the available TV audience during Saturday's Old Skool Weekend programming, with viewing figures peaking at just over 400,000 during the early afternoon.

Facebook users can voice their support for a classic children's channel by visiting the "We want a permanent CITV classic's channel" page on the social networking site.

Meanwhile, ITV has confirmed that further episodes of the programmes shown over the "Old Skool Weekend" will be available for an "exclusive period" to rent and view through its online ITV Player service.

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This article was first published 05/01/2013 22:14


  1. CITV is a 'classic' kids TV channel. They haven't bought any new Children's content since 2009. The channel pages on are full of people asking how to get on shows that are no longer made.


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