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Suspected Arson causes TV and Radio Blackout in Bath

Most of Bath was left without terrestrial TV and radio earlier today after a fire was started at the local relay transmitter at Bathampton.

Around 80,000 households were thought to be affected by the black out, which Avon and Somerset Police are treating as arson.

The Bathampton transmitter supplies most of Bath with a basic Freeview service, plus national and local radio on FM and DAB. Mobile phone coverage in the town was also affected as a result of the incident. Parts of Bath can receive alternative TV signals from the Mendip transmitter near Wells or even the welsh Wenvoe transmitter for a small minority of households, according to the Digital UK postcode checker.

This afternoon, Arqiva - operator of the mast - announced that services were being restored. By evening all services were being broadcast, but some radio stations were being transmitted via a temporary feed to enable them to get back on air more quickly.

Text edited multiple times throughout the day as the incident progressed.


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