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RTÉ Radio 1 Extra announces end of UK satellite service

According to on-air announcements, RTÉ's digital satellite service RTÉ Radio 1 Extra will be withdrawn from UK digital satellite shortly.

RTÉ's long wave station on 252 kHz, of which the satellite service was a simulcast of, continues to broadcast RTÉ Radio 1.

The EPG of the Irish broadcaster's station on Sky (and via non-Freesat mode on Freesat receivers) lists RTÉ Choice programmes, although RTÉ Radio 1 audio is heard.

Online, the RTÉ Radio 1 Extra stream has seen the RTÉ Radio 1 schedule replaced with RTÉ Choice, consisting of a mixture of Irish and international speech-based shows, including several hours of simulcasting the BBC World Service. Other content is derived from the USA's National Public Radio (NPR) and Radio Poland. What is billed as "alternative content from RTÉ Radio 1" airs every evening on the station between 6:30pm and 10:00pm indicating that RTÉ Radio 1 Extra programmes are being merged with RTÉ Choice onto one service. The two station's schedules on the Irish broadcaster's website already show the same listings.

There has been no indication to date that RTÉ Choice will join UK digital satellite services in place of Radio 1 Extra.

RTÉ Choice appears in the Republic of Ireland on DAB digital radio, digital terrestrial TV service Saorview and Irish digital satellite service Saorsat.

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  1. RTE Radio 1 extra is a good service and should be put back on Astra 28.2 RTE Choice is obslolete since 2012. RTE Radio 1 Longwave is to close on the 01/05/2017. So in order to compensate for that lose, bring back RTE Radio 1 extra to Astra.


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