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ITV drops the "1" and re-brands today

New look ITV
updated ITV has today re-branded its entire output. As part of the changes, the main channel became "ITV", losing the "1" the channel acquired back in 2001 when other ITV branded services were launching.

Coming just over two years after the launch of ITV1+1, the timeshift channel became ITV+1 and the main HD channel became ITV HD. All idents, promotional trails and on-screen graphics also changed today.

Online services at including the ITV Player also got a facelift.  

The ITV+1 and ITV HD on-screen logo, or DOG (Digitally Orientated Graphic or Digital On-screen Graphic) features a small bubble identifying the services as a timeshift or HD channel. The low resolution used by ITV+1 on Freeview means it is barely visible. 

By means of a teaser, ITV has uploaded to YouTube one of the new idents that we shall be seeing on-screen over the coming months:

(c) ITV/YouTube

News and current affairs programmes including ITV regional news services have seen the bulk of the changes, with new studios, graphics and titles. Regional news bulletins are re-branded along the lines of "itvNEWS Central". 

While viewers in England, Wales and the Scottish Borders will witness most of the changes, viewers across the UK will see the new look ITV News and revamped Daybreak.

ITV - or Independent Television - first launched in 1955 and was initially the overarching name given to the non-BBC channels that launched region by region across the UK. The regional channels were not to have a unifying brand for several decades to come.

In the 1980s, the individual ITV stations began to share branding which saw the launch of Watch IT(V), later Children's ITV and the appearance of the ITV Schools brand. In 1988, the network staged the first of three fund-raising Telethons under the "ITV" banner, and a new ITV wide corporate look was introduced in 1989, although not fully adopted by some of the regional channels. 

Following the 1990 Broadcasting Act, the legal name for the network became "Channel 3". Acquisitions and mergers in the 1990s resulted in the ITV brand beginning to appear alongside regional channel names by the late 1990s, but with Scottish STV and Northern Irish UTV retaining their branding. ITV2 launched in 1998.

In 2001, ITV became ITV1 with regional names only used in idents ahead of programmes and in regional news programmes. Meanwhile, the two biggest ITV franchise owners - Carlton and Granada - launched the ill-fated ITV Sport Channel on the newly re-branded ITV Digital terrestrial TV service, which came to an end in the spring of 2002.

By the end of 2002, a new single ITV identity based on celebrities and four coloured boxes replaced localised presentation, except in STV and UTV regions. The merger of Carlton and Granada in 2004 led to the creation of ITV plc. ITV3 launched in 2004 and ITV4 in 2005. CITV followed in 2006.

In 2006, all ITV channels were re-branded with the ITV logo seen here. ITV4 had launched in 2005 with this version of the logo. 

ITV News was last given a new look in 2009. In 2011, ITV plc purchased Channel Television, leaving just three of the former ITV franchise regions in the control of other companies. 

The latest re-brand, launching today has divided opinion, with the joined up ITV logo described as 'child-like' in some quarters.

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