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Euronews celebrates 20 years

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of Euronews, the pan-european news channel broadcast from Lyons in France. The anniversary is being marked on the channel by an on-screen graphic celebrating "20 years of story telling".

The channel was originally available via Eutelsat's 13 degree East satellite position in five languages from 6am till 2am Central European Time from 1st January 1993.

During the 1997-2003 era, when ITV and Channel 4 news supplier ITN was the largest shareholder in the channel, Euronews began to become more widely available in the UK via Sky Digital. The channel frequently showcased content from ITV News bulletins during a segment called "Perspectives" in the late 1990s which showed the main news stories from Euronews' partner broadcasters.

Current shareholders in the channel include Ireland's RTÉ, France Télévisions, Belgium's RTBF and Italy's RAI.

Euronews is known for its presenter-less bulletins, due to the multi-lingual nature of the service, whereby viewers receive a different sound track but the same images depending on which version of the channel they are accessing. The channel does broadcast separate advertising for the UK market. 

The channel is available in the UK on Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media and at Viewers in Northern Ireland can see Euronews overnight on RTÉ.

Euronews presentation over the years: (YouTube)


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