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Dave Ja Vu resumes full service on Freeview

Dave Ja Vu - Freeview channel 25FREEVIEW SERVICE UPDATE Timeshift channel Dave Ja Vu has today resumed full-time service on Freeview channel 25, almost four years after the channel was first launched on Freeview. The channel's owner, UKTV, announced the move in November following its acquisition of new capacity on Freeview from multiplex operator SDN. 

However, the change is only temporary.

The channel, originally called Dave+1, first appeared on Freeview at 2pm on the 22nd January 2009. Its hours were cut in August 2011 when the majority of the capacity was transferred to UKTV's third Freeview channel "Really", which launched on Freeview channel 20. Dave Ja Vu was reduced to broadcasting for just two hours every night on channel 25, between 02:00 and 04:00. However, this ensured that UKTV could keep channel 25 on the Freeview TV guide for itself for future use. A Facebook page was set up at the time to protest against Dave Ja Vu's reduction of hours on Freeview.

From today, Dave Ja Vu is occupying capacity on ITV owned commercial multiplex SDN that was created following a technical parameter change last year, which gave the multiplex approximately 3 Mbps more bandwidth. SDN is one of the six national digital multiplexes that broadcast Freeview services, but is only broadcast from main transmitters. A retune is required on all but the latest Freeview receivers to get the service on channel 25. Viewers who do not retune will see a caption on the "old" slot, which moves to channel 791 once retuned.

According to UKTV, Dave Ja Vu's reinstatement to full-time hours is only temporary, until UKTV launch a new Freeview service in the future in its place. No further details about UKTV's future Freeview plans are known at this stage.


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