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BBC One Wales HD to launch 29th January

BBC One Wales HD coming to Wales 29th January 2013
BBC Wales gets its own HD channel
Alix Pryde, Director of BBC Distribution, has today confirmed that the final national variant of BBC One HD will be launched on the 29th January 2013. BBC One Wales HD will replace the existing BBC One HD on all digital platforms in the Principality.

The launch takes place 15 days after the start of BBC One Scotland HD. BBC One Northern Ireland HD was the first national variant to launch on the 24th October coinciding with the completion of digital switchover.

The existing BBC One HD channel will continue for viewers in England, showing the main network schedule, plus a different regional edition of Inside Out on Monday evenings.

In her latest blog post, Alix Pryde confirmed that viewers in Scotland and Wales would not need to do a thing in order to benefit from the new national variants of BBC One HD - they should appear automatically on the channel line up in place of the existing BBC One HD channel. Sky and Freesat viewers were advised to unplug their satellite receivers for 30 seconds if they encounter any problems after the launch and to contact their satellite TV provider if the problem persists.

Adding a nugget of information regarding the forthcoming transition of the BBC HD channel to BBC Two HD, she added: "I thought you might also appreciate an update on the progress of the transition of BBC HD into BBC Two HD. The plan is for that to happen in a few months' time."

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