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BBC One Scotland to go HD on the 14th January

UPDATE Viewers in the Scottish Borders with Freeview HD will need to retune to continue receiving Freeview HD channels from Monday 14th Janaury following the launch of BBC One Scotland HD according to information issued by BBC Reception advice.

BBC One Scotland will launch in HD on Monday, according to a new on-screen caption that has been spotted appearing on BBC One HD via Freeview in Scotland. But Freeview viewers elsewhere in the UK have seen BBC One Scotland HD EPG information appear on BBC Red Button channel 302.

According to on-screen advice that appeared on Freeview HD in Scotland on the 8th January 2013, viewers in Scotland were to reset any series links currently in place for recordings on BBC One HD.  However this part of the message has since disappeared off the pop-up prompt. BBC One Scotland HD replaces the existing BBC One HD channel in Scotland on all digital platforms and will appear on the same channel numbers as BBC One HD does now.

Changes to the Freeview HD multiplex serving Scotland have been observed ahead of the changes during Friday 11th, with channel 303 - the former HD Olympic and Paralympic red button channel - reverting to a placeholder text screen. In a bizarre twist, viewers across the UK have spotted BBC One Scotland HD EPG information appearing on BBC Red Button channel 302. This appears to be a mistake.

A slot for BBC One Scotland in HD has been available on satellite since November, with a simulcast of BBC One HD (England) holding the slot in the interim. The video stream that will become BBC One HD for Scotland was one of the first two services transmitted from the new Astra 2F satellite serving the UK along with the video stream that will soon become the BBC One Wales HD simulcast.

Satellite viewers are not required to take any action: BBC One Scotland HD will be added to the Sky and Freesat Guides in Scotland automatically in place of the existing BBC One HD channel. Viewers outside of Scotland will not see the channel in the Sky or Freesat line up.

Scotland joins Northern Ireland in having a separate version of BBC One HD. Wales will also have its own HD version of BBC One shortly. The existing BBC One HD will become a 'pseudo' BBC One HD for England - although regional variations are not shown, the channel already showcases content from a different English region each week as part of the Inside Out strand of programmes.

Freeview Channel List (Scotland)

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  1. Better keep BBC One HD England as it currently is!

    No London News!

    124 miles from London. less than 3 miles from the Welsh cost considering I from Bristol- Avonmouth!