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23/01/2013: Retune day in South East Wales as Freeview frequency change takes place

Freeview Retune
Freeview users in South East Wales and areas bordering the Bristol Channel, including most viewers in Cardiff and Newport, will need to retune their Freeview set top boxes, TVs and PVRs after 6:00am on the 23rd January 2013 to continue watching all available Freeview channels. 

Viewers can expect breaks in service between midnight and 6am as work takes place.

The retune event affects all viewers receiving their Freeview signal from the Wenvoe transmitting station, to the south-west of Cardiff, and is due to a frequency change to one of the six digital TV "multiplexes" of Freeview channels taking place as part of an exercise to clear some of the airwaves previously used by TV services in favour of high speed 4G mobile broadband services. The retune date was previously planned for later this year, but was brought forward to enable frequencies to be cleared more quickly.

The affected multiplex is the "Arqiva B" multiplex that carries channels such as Film 4, 4Music, VIVA, Al Jazeera English, Yesterday and ITV4. It moves from UHF channel 49 to 39. Changes will be made after midnight during the early hours of Wednesday 23rd January, according to information published by Digital UK, who are overseeing the clearance programme. It will be safe for viewers to retune after 6am, although it is possible that the work will have been done well before then.

As a result, viewers attempting to watch or record any of the channels on the Arqiva B multiplex  when the changes are made will incur interruptions and possible failed recordings.

A further retune event affecting many of the numerous relays of the Wenvoe transmitter serving the Valleys is due on the 13th March. Full List >

Then, on the 27th March 2013, the Mendip transmitter carrying BBC One West, which is widely receivable across South East Wales, will undergo a similar event. Then, the multiplex carrying BBC One West and BBC Two England will move to Wenvoe's old Arqiva B multiplex frequency thus clearing the top of the TV frequency band around the Severn Estuary area for 4G mobile broadband usage.

Originally published on the 08/01/2013, re-published 22/01/2013 as a reminder.
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  1. with nothing in February and in March 3 regions undergoing 4g clearance over 2 dates plus speedtracked commitments for 4g spectrum be cleared Half 1 2013 they missed a chance to speed it up.

    still september and October dates that not been reshuffled!

    1. They don't like doing too much in the winter months, but the Sept/Oct dates are in areas far away from the urban areas where 4G networks will be going live in the former TV frequency band. I suppose it'll take ages to get 4G into parts of Scotland - some haven't even got 3G yet!


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