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Synapse poised to launch service on Freeview EPG

Synapse Freeview 790
Synapse is preparing to launch a service on Freeview. The service appeared as a test channel on Freeview 790 earlier today.

Synapse, a joint venture between SimpleStream, S&T and Vision21 was originally announced in September. It offers broadcasters and content providers the opportunity to deliver interactive services via the internet through a portal accessed on the Freeview EPG.

Usually services that initially appear on channel 790 on Freeview are moved to their correct channel allocation once they are ready to go. It is expected that Synapse will move to the 225+ channel range alongside other portal based channels which stream services from the internet.

Synapse allows broadcasters and content owners to reach viewers via internet connected Freeview and Freesat receivers, in a similar way to Arqiva's Connect TV platform. One of the companies involved in Synapse - S&T -  has already delivered internet-delivered interactive content via the Arts Council/BBC joint production The Space, which is available via certain receivers on both the Freesat and Freeview platforms.

According to the Synapse website, the platform can support single live channels to complex video on demand portals, with Synapse supporting ad-supported free services as well as subscription and pay per view broadcast models.

Exactly what content will initially appear on Synapse remains to be seen.


  1. waste of time, these stream's could be used for more freeview channels

    1. why do you say that Gary? Is this because you don't have either a freeview hd or freesat hd box which has broadband connections? If this allows more channels via your box with less bandwidth then "bring it on". No use you moaning that it's a waste of time, you don't even know what's going to be on the channel link yet so i can not see what you moaning about. I would like to see (especially on freeview) more movie channels, perhaps channels like discovery, a good mix.

  2. These "portals" take up tiny amounts of bandwidth, basically pointing compatible devices to the relevant IP address on the internet. Viewers with these devices can then access far more free and pay content than would be technically possible on the linear Freeview service.

    1. Have to wait and see a516_digital. As long as we get a good mix of channels for the masses then we should all be happy. :-)

  3. yes i think there are going to be more hd channels on freeview, in
    manchester they have movies for men & movies for men+1, will don't have
    these channels on the crystal palace transmitter in london


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