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Sky's three Freeview channels join Freesat

Pick TV, plus Challenge and Sky News join Freesat
Sky is launching its three Freeview channels on Freesat next week. Pick TV, Challenge and Sky News will join the Freesat EPG from Monday, 3rd December.

All channels have until now been available free to air on satellite until now, but not directly via the Freesat EPG. Freesat accidentally let the cat out of the bag last week, when its website was seen carrying references to Sky's Pick TV and Challenge channels. Then Twitter feeds operated by Pick TV and Challenge confirmed the news during Saturday afternoon.

The EPG numbers for the new additions are:
144 Pick TV
145 Challenge
202 Sky News

Freesat channel 202 has been vacant for a couple of years, with international news channels starting from channel 203. The deal between Sky and Freesat does not include +1 versions of Pick TV or Challenge or the HD version of Sky News, which remain exclusively available on the Sky EPG. +1 channels can be viewed using "non-Freesat mode" on Freesat receivers.

The news has been welcomed by viewers who wanted to see greater equality between terrestrial service Freeview and Freesat and the three Freeview channels were often cited as being among the most wanted on Freesat.

Freesat accidently listed Pick TV and Challenge on the Freesat website last week, alongside services such as BET, True Entertainment and 4HD. An eagle eyed Freesat Community forum member spotted the channels, which then fuelled rumours and speculation across the internet.

Pick TV/Challenge on the Freesat website, before the official announcement. Click/tap to enlarge

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Sky channels joining Freesat
(, 01/12/2012)

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Article first published at: 17:03 GMT  01/12/2012


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