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Mono mix-up for Absolute 80s

Absolute Radio
DAB radio station Absolute 80s was turned into a mono service overnight and this morning following a mix up.

At midnight, the DAB version of the service, which broadcasts across England, Wales and Scotland on Digital One, was reduced to 64kbps mono. By late morning, the service had been restored to 112kbps stereo. According to Absolute Radio on Digital Spy, the issue "was unexpected and initial investigations point to an external fault."

In contrast, sister station Absolute 90s is mono only on DAB digital radio.

Absolute 80s was launched in December 2009, aiming to become a "nostalgia trip" for 30- to 54-year-olds featuring 80s pop music. It extended its reach in 2010 when it joined commercial multiplex provider Digital One. It has since become Absolute Radio's most popular digital only station.

The station is also available online, on Sky, on cable and on Freesat.


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