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Made Television wins again: Tyne & Wear Local TV Licence awarded

Made in Tyne and Wear awarded local tv licence
Made Television was today awarded its third local TV licence by Ofcom, this time for the Tyne and Wear region. It follows similar successful bids for local TV licences serving Bristol and Cardiff. The channel is to launch under the "Made in Tyne and Wear" brand.

The company, under the control of CEO Jamie Conway beat competition from Lord Redesdale backed YourTV Newcastle, Metro8 and Channel 8 North East Ltd (which appeared on the initial list of applicants as NEON TV).

Explaining its decision to award Made in Tyne and Wear a local TV licence, Ofcom's Broadcast Licencing Committee stated that it thought "Made in Tyne & Wear’s overall content proposition was well developed and would be the most likely of all the applicants’ content propositions to broaden the range and number of programmes available for viewing in the area. Furthermore, it was appropriately reflected in the Programming Commitments, meaning the proposed service could be guaranteed as it would be a licence condition."

"All applicants demonstrated that they could launch their proposed services. However Made in Tyne & Wear and YourTV Newcastle gave the Committee the greatest confidence that they had sustainable business plans, based on reasonable assumptions, which would enable the proposed services to be maintained for the duration of the licence."

"Taking into account the above factors as a whole, Made in Tyne & Wear put forward the strongest application for award of the licence in the Newcastle coverage area."

Ominously, Metro8's application was not mentioned in the Ofcom statement with regards to any of the categories used to award the licence.

The local TV service is earmarked to use UHF channel 56 from Pontop Pike transmitter.
Indicative coverage - Ofcom
Exact coverage will depend on who wins the licence to operate the local TV multiplex, which Made in Tyne and Wear will use to bring its service to Freeview channel 8. The service looks set to get one of the best geographical coverage areas yet - with coverage stretching beyond the core Tyne and Wear area, although not beamed westward into the Hexham area.

Made in Tyne and Wear would like to use the Fenham relay transmitter in addition to the Pontop Pike transmitter, which would improve reception along the Tyne through the centre of Newcastle Gateshead.

The channel aims to go on air during 2013 following the installation of relevant transmission equipment by the soon to be announced local TV multiplex operator.

  See Made in Tyne and Wear's indicative schedule:
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