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CBBC and CBeebies leave BBC One

CBBC Andi Peters / Edd the Duck
Andi Peters with Edd the Duck, Children's BBC, BBC1 1990
A day after the final edition of Newsround aired on BBC One, the final strand of CBBC and CBeebies children's programming was broadcast today, Friday 21st December on BBC One.

Blue Peter was the final CBBC programme broadcast at the earlier time of 4pm. At 4:30pm CBeebies said goodbye to BBC One with a the Pantomime "Jack and the Beanstalk" featuring CBeebies "stars".

What was once a solid fixture in the BBC's schedules has now been overshadowed by new digital media and dedicated children's channels and falling audiences. Afternoon children's TV reached its heyday on both BBC and ITV in the 1980s and early 1990s. Children's BBC on BBC One was known for its continuity from the BBC's "Broom Cupboard" courtesy of presenters including Philip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher (later both on Saturday morning show Going Live!), Andi Peters, Andy Crane and Edd the Duck. Children's BBC was followed by the then popular Australian soap "Neighbours" at 5:35pm.

In 2002, the BBC split its children's programming when it launched the CBeebies and CBBC digital TV channels and the afternoon BBC One slot was split accordingly, with CBeebies scheduled before the CBBC strand.

Following the end of the switchover to digital TV in October, all viewers now have full access to the two dedicated BBC children's channels.

CBBC disappeared off BBC Two at the end of November, but will make a brief reappearance over the holiday season in the mornings. From January, BBC Two's late afternoon schedule will move to BBC One. BBC Two will commence a new factual-led schedule, featuring documentaries, world news and classic films.

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