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Big Deal morphs as Speed Auction TV and Classic Movies arrive on Freeview channel 32

UK Terrestrial TV news
Freeview channel 32 has today morphed into a full time channel. The service, broadcast on the Arqiva A multiplex has been relabelled "Movie Mix". Channel 32 was previously home to "Big Deal", named after a quiz show that aired on the channel when it first launched in 2009.

The channel is currently scheduled to showcase a mix of teleshopping and movies, with more teleshopping than movies currently in the mix, despite the label. Content through the day comes from Bid Shopping (formerly Sit Up TV) including a temporary simulcast of satellite teleshopping channel Speed Auction TV every evening which will last until just after Christmas.

Overnights, the channel contains classic British movies from 3am - in harmony with a test that took place last month on channel 32 when Big Deal switched format and showed movies for a limited time.

Very little more is known about the channel - and why films are scheduled at 3am - at the moment, although a niche channel showing classic movies could prove successful on Freeview. On screen graphics during some teleshopping segments appear to be cut off slightly at the top. This may be down to teething problems on its first day on air.

  Typical Schedule: Channel 32 Please see the Freeview EPG for full daily details.

Bid Plus
Speed Auction TV
Film, followed by a filler programme

A retune is not required to receive the service. It is not broadcast on minor relay transmitters.


  1. only one movie at 3am,what's the point,it should be
    movies from 12am till 5am, that would be better

    1. follow up, i really wan't horror channel on freeview


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