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Week in Brief: Sky wins NOW TV court case; The Big Deal is old movies

As reported on the 6th July, there has been a legal battle between Hong Kong's PCCW and BSkyB over the use of the name NOW TV in the UK.  NOW TV is the new IP-delivered service from Sky that will provide Sky channels to viewers with a broadband connection. It currently only offers Sky Movies.

PCCW said it owned the trademark to use the name "now" on telecom and broadcast services in the UK. It already offers a service under the name Now TV in Hong Kong.

Media Guardian reports that following a three day court hearing, the judge determined that there was no risk that viewers would associate Sky's new service with the existing service in Hong Kong and Sky's brand did not infringe PCCW's brand.

The Big Deal Freeview channel famed for hopping multiplexes more often than a frog hops over a pond has had a format flip. The change of month has brought new content to the channel: old movies.

Movies include "Ginger in the Morning", "Eternally Yours" and "The Brothers O'Toole", all screened at 3am in the morning within the channel's current 2 hour slot.

The channel appears to be a testing ground for niche content on Freeview: Big Deal first appeared as a host channel for a premium rate phone in quiz show. It later became the home of teleshopping from various providers and channel operators and eventually simulcast Psychic TV at certain times of the day. For a while, it aired 24 hours a day in post-switchover areas. As Ofcom began to investigate Big Deal over the Psychic TV content, it disappeared off the channel and it reverted to teleshopping.


  1. "...3am in the morning..."

    Rather than 3pm in the afternoon!?

    1. A possible selling point for Freeview+ recorders...


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