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UKTV gets fourth slot on Freeview

UKTV Freeview Channels
UKTV has announced that is taking a fourth slot on digital terrestrial platform Freeview from January.

Until firm plans are established for another channel, timeshift channel Dave Ja Vu will occupy the slot, expanding from its current two hour service between 02:00-04:00 on channel 25. UKTV already operates Yesterday, Dave and Really on Freeview.

No indication was given as to if the slot would ultimately be a used for a service already on air on satellite and cable platforms or a brand new channel. BT Vision and TalkTalk viewers will automatically get the new channel as part of the Freeview element of their service.

Freeview carriage has previously boosted audience figures for UKTV networks that have switched to Freeview. Dave quickly received record viewing figures after its launch in 2007 when it replaced UKTV G2 on satellite and cable, and Really saw a boost in ratings when it joined Freeview last year.

Currently there is unused capacity on the Arqiva A commercial digital multiplex, which seems likely to be the source of the new slot.

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