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The Russians are coming... in HD

SATELLITE UPDATE Russia's RT news channel is preparing to launch in early 2013 in HD across Europe. The channel, which has been testing on Astra 1 and Eutelsat Hotbird for continental European viewers has now commenced free-to-air testing on Eutelsat 28A for UK satellite viewers. RT HD has also been seen testing in other parts of the world.

Currently, a looped test transmission appears, advising that the channel will be launching shortly. Similar to American channels, the move to HD will coincide with a move to widescreen broadcasting and revised onscreen graphics to reflect widescreen broadcasting. In the UK, where standard definition channels are widely available in widescreen, RT is one of the few remaining channels still in traditional 4:3 format.

Should the HD version of the channel remain free-to-air, RT could become the sixth HD channel on Freesat.

The channel launched UK opt-outs for advertising back in September in a year that has seen the channel develop its programming to contain more content from its studios in Washington and London. RT is still labelled by its original name "Russia Today" on terrestrial service Freeview, where only the standard definition version is available.

Satellite: Manual tuning details:

Eutelsat 28A
11223.67, Vertical polarisation,
Symbol Rate:


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