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The Freeview Years

On the 30th October 2012, Freeview turned 10. revisited the Freeview years, looking at the changes to the platform over the past ten years, from the channel line up and technological viewpoint.

Here you can find a full index for the series of articles, which initially were published between 20th and 30th October. Content includes YouTube videos from Freeview channels over the past ten years.

Launched with a 30-channel lineup on 30 October, filling the void left by ITV Digital. Channels at launch included TMF and The Hits.  

The launch of BBC Three and Ftn  

The apperance of Top Up TV, launch of ITV3 and the beginning of abc1  

The launch of More 4, the end of the ITV News Channel and the beginnings of a quiz show boom with Quizcall  

Channel 5 launched two spin off channels on Freeview. ITV launches CITV channel 

The end of abc1, the launch of Dave. UKTV History cut back. Digital switchover begins in Whitehaven, Cumbria.  Freeview Playback, the original name for "Freeview+" launches  

The Hits becomes 4Music. BBC Parliament taken off air for Bejing Olympics  


A big year, with Quest launching, digital switchover reaching the Westcountry, Wales and Granada regions, the first Freeview HD transmissions and a big EPG reshuffle...   

Clirlun arrived in Wales, Sky Sports News departed everywhere... Capital FM joined Freeview  

Al Jazeera English, Food Network and Challenge joined Freeview. Sky 3 became Pick TV.  

4seven launches, extra HD red button content for the Olympics, another EPG reshuffle and the launch of numerous internet delivered channels on the Freeview EPG. Digital switchover finishes.   


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