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Text on 3 and 4 ready for the axe

Text on ITV
The commercial text service on ITV and Channel 4 is finally closing down early next year, according to an announcement made on the service.

The text pages currently contain advertising and on Channel 4, horse racing related information. The service will finally close on Monday 7th January 2013, when an agreement with the Channel 3 licensees and Channel 4 to transmit text services alongside their TV channels ends.

The currently transmitted pages are the last remaining part of a teletext service that until three years ago contained comprehensive news and information. After Teletext Ltd closed down the news and information service, it had its licence revoked by Ofcom. While the main text service on Freeview channel 100 was shut down as a result, commercial pages remained thanks to a deal with ITV and Channel 4.

The Teletext brand was removed off Freeview at the beginning of October, and replaced by the generic "Text on ..." name. However, on digital satellite,  a Teletext branded "analogue TV" style service on pages 100 and 401-499 remains. It is assumed this will be axed at the same time as the Freeview based service.


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