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Ofcom withdraws Nottingham and Sheffield Local TV licences; re-award decision next week

Sheffield and Nottingham local TV
UPDATED In a surprise move, Notts TV and Sheffield Local Television (SLTV) have lost their local TV licences, only awarded to them by Ofcom last month.

In a brief statement on the Ofcom website, the regulator confirmed that "The Ofcom Broadcast Licensing Committee will retake its consideration of the applications for the local TV licences for the coverage areas of Nottingham and Sheffield. As a result, the licence awards to TV Notts Ltd (previously made on 2 October 2012) and Sheffield Local Television Ltd (previously made on 9 October 2012) are withdrawn."

The Ofcom Broadcast Licensing Committee is due to sit and reconsider the licence awards for Nottingham and Sheffield next week. Both channels were due to launch on Freeview channel 8 during the course of the next 18 months and the move has even taken some Local TV industry insiders by complete surprise.

Sheffield Local Television stated that it was "shocked" by the decision.

In Nottingham, the move could mean another opportunity for "Television Nottingham" and in Sheffield an opportunity for either "Metro8" and "Your TV Sheffield" to claim a local TV licence award at the expense of the former victors. The original award winners might still be re-awarded the licences again next week when Ofcom reconsiders the licence awards.

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Updated 21:38 16/11/2012
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