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Ofcom revokes Channel Zero licence

Channel Zero, the former provider of EPG services for certain Tesco Freeview set top boxes, has had its licence revoked by regulator Ofcom.

According to Monday's Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin, Channel Zero failed to pay a charge that is due. The service was distributed via Freeview channel 306.

In the bulletin, Ofcom stated "In order to enable Ofcom to charge licensees the appropriate fee, each licensee is required each year to submit to Ofcom a statement of its Relevant Turnover for the last but one calendar year. This provision of information is a licence requirement. As well as enabling the charging of fees, this information is also used by Ofcom to fulfil its obligations regarding market reporting. It can therefore be seen that submission of Relevant Turnover is an extremely important requirement upon all relevant broadcasting licensees. Failure by a licensee to submit an annual Relevant Turnover return when required represents a serious and fundamental breach of a broadcast licence, as the absence of the information contained in the return means that Ofcom is unable properly to carry out its regulatory duties.

As a consequence of this serious and continuing licence breach, Ofcom put these licensees on notice that their present contravention of their licences was being considered for the imposition of a statutory sanction, including licence revocation."

Channel Zero's licence was revoked on the 13th September 2012. It had ceased to provide a service on Tesco Technika Freeview boxes back in the spring, when its website announced that it would be distributing data via the internet. 

In the meantime, the website announces that it is not broadcasting at all, but will be available "shortly" on internet enabled "Freeview HD receivers with BBC iPlayer". 

Former occupant of Freeview channel 47, Daystar, also had its licence revoked for the same reason, according to Ofcom.


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