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Ofcom begins to explain its local TV award decisions

Ofcom has begun to publish the reasons behind its local TV licence award decisions over the past few months.

Cardiff's winning applicant Made in Cardiff got the licence because Ofcom's Broadcast Licensing Committee felt the rival bid by Cardiff Local TV Ltd did not meet the "statutory description" of a local digital TV programme service. Made in Cardiff was felt to meet the description of a local TV service and promised to offer a broad range of programming.

In Belfast, Ofcom's Broadcast Licensing Committee felt that winning application NvTV had the edge over rival bid Made in Belfast due to it offering "the broadest range of programming" in its application and because of its history of being able fund itself and its proven track record in getting community organisations on air.

Brighton, Bristol and Grimsby's awards needed no justification from Ofcom - as the winning applicants were the only applicants for the local TV service in their respective areas and the applicants all met the criteria to run a local TV service.

Norwich's Mustard TV were awarded the licence on the back of sound financial forecasts, low production costs and an experienced editorial team.

In Southampton, the award of the local TV licence to That's Solent was down to providing the broadest content. Ofcom feared that rival bid TV Solent's outlook would be narrowed by its links to the local university.

That's Solent's parent company That's Media also won a licence in Oxford. Why it won that one remains a secret, with the reason it won expected to be made public in the coming weeks along with details of why City TV Broadcasting won Birmingham's licence.


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