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Notts TV and SLTV get licences confirmed in Ofcom Local TV reconsideration

Sheffield Local Television / Notts TV
A week after Ofcom made their licence awards void due to "irregularities" in the original process, Sheffield Local Television (SLTV) and Notts TV have been confirmed as the winners of the local TV licence for their respective areas.

Ofcom's Broadcast Licencing Committee "retook their consideration" of the licence award and today confirmed that the two services who originally won the licences will be allowed to launch local TV services.

SLTV "relieved"
In a statement published on Sheffield Local Television's (SLTV) website, Steve Buckley, Chair of SLTV said: "We are relieved and reassured to have the local TV licence for Sheffield confirmed. We are confident our consortium is best placed to deliver the service that people of Sheffield want.  We look forward now to getting on with the serious planning that will be needed to put local TV on the air in Sheffield by the end of 2013."

Explaining the decision to award the licence to SLTV, Ofcom noted that rival Metro8's proposal was "unreasonably optimistic" for the coverage area with its planned service "unlikely to be maintained for the duration of the licence."

Against fellow rival bid YourTV, Ofcom stated that the SLTV proposal offered a "wider range of programming". It said that SLTV's model "would better cater for the tastes, interests and needs of the people of Sheffield, covering a particularly culturally rich range of genres."

Notts TV's "greater range"
Meanwhile, Ofcom's Broadcast Licencing Committee explained that Nottingham's licence was awarded to Notts TV, because it offered a "greater range" of programming than the rival bid from Television Nottingham. It thought the integration with the local newspaper "would benefit Notts TV's proposed service editorially."

Notts TV aims to go on air during 2014.

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