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NE Wales and Merseyside local DAB "delayed"

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The new local DAB digital radio multiplex for North East Wales, the Wirral and Merseyside could now be delayed until early 2013, according to a local radio station.

The launch delay of the DAB multiplex, officially known as the "Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex" was announced over the weekend by Chester's local radio station Dee 106.3, which is going to be launching a digital offshoot under the name "Dee on DAB" on that multiplex. On Facebook, the station posted:  "transmitter build has been delayed, looks like it will be a December or more probably January launch now."

A few days ago, the station indicated on Twitter that the recent bad weather had affected the installation of the equipment. 

Transmitters for the multiplex are being installed at Moel Y Parc, St John's Beacon (Liverpool) and Wrexham-Rhos.

Back in October, Muxco, the multiplex operator confirmed in a blog that the "weather is a factor that may impact on transmitter work especially given the very exposed nature of Moel Y Parc so we’re holding off on circulating a definite [launch] date at the moment but that’s where we are." 

Update: In a further statement late on the 12th November, MuxCo confirmed the delay, indicating that work on installing the necessary equipment would take place in the coming weeks.

DAB stations
Apart from Dee's DAB service, the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex will carry BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, Juice FM and Nation Radio, currently only available in South Wales terrestrially. The multiplex was expected to carry Real Radio (North Wales).  It is widely anticipated in the radio industry that all Real Radio stations are earmarked to join the Heart network following  the takeover of Real Radio's owner by Global Radio. The ultimate outcome depends on a future Competition Commission ruling over Global Radio's position in the radio market in Wales.

DeeonDAB facebook message
Dee on DAB's facebook message


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