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Local TV licences awarded to Birmingham and Oxford stations

Getting ready to go on air: City TV Broadcasting and That's Oxford.
UPDATE City TV Broadcasting (Birmingham) and That's Oxford have been declared the winners in the race for the local TV licences for Birmingham and Oxford respectively. 

The announcement was made this morning by Ofcom, who had fallen behind schedule in announcing the winning applicants. The announcement had been expected last month.

Speaking about the award of the licence, Debra Davis, Chief Executive of City TV Broadcasting said:
 "We are ecstatic with winning the local TV licence.  This is game-changing for Birmingham.  City TV has been years in development. And, at last, we can get on with the job; putting all our creativity and commercial sense into creating an engaging, informative and entertaining channel that gets to the heart of local." 
City TV aims to be on air next year. Losing applicants for the Birmingham licence included Bham TV, Made in Birmingham (whose sister channels in Bristol and Cardiff have been awarded licences) and Your TV Birmingham.

In Oxford, That's Oxford beat two applicants who both applied under the name "Oxford 8". That's Oxford joins sister channel That's Solent in winning an local TV licence. That's Media is in effect former local TV provider Six TV by another name, but with the celebrity backing of Esther Rantzen and Jim Rosenthal. Six TV operated analogue local TV services in both Oxford and Solent regions in the past.

All services will take up capacity on the new local TV multiplex being rolled out during 2013/14 and have been guaranteed the use of Freeview channel 8. 

Birmingham's local TV will transmit on UHF channel 29 from Brierley Hill and UHF channel 52 from Sutton Coldfield transmitter.
Oxford's service has been given UHF channel 51 to transmit on and is scheduled to use the Oxford (Beckley) transmitter:
Above maps are (c) Ofcom. Exact coverage and transmission parameters will depend on who wins the licence to operate the local TV multiplex. Several operators have given strong hints that they will seek to improve on the indicative coverage areas provided by transmitter company Arqiva and regulator Ofcom.


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