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Local TV licence award timetable slips

Ofcom today confirmed that the timetable for announcing the winning applicants for the remainining local TV licences, including the hotly contested licence for London, plus the award of the local TV multiplex operator's licence has slipped.

The media regulator quickly reassured the industry that the move had nothing to do with the recent error that resulted in Nottingham and Sheffield's local TV licence awards having to be reconsidered. Rather, it has requested remaining applicants to 'clarify their programming commitments', according to a report in The Guardian.

Local TV licences have so far been awarded to local TV operators in Belfast (NvTV), Birmingham (City TV Broadcasting), Brighton (Latest TV), Bristol (Made in Bristol), Cardiff (Made in Cardiff), Grimsby (Lincolnshire Living), Norwich (Mustard), Nottingham (Notts TV), Oxford (That's Oxford), Sheffield (SLTV) and Southampton (That's Solent).

Programme commitments appear to be the decisive factor in deciding who gets the licence. Recent Broadcast Licence Committee feedback indicates that previous winners of local TV licences have been awarded the licence due to providing a "greater" or "broader" range of programmes, especially those serving different sectors of the community and where there is a strong editorial provision through established organisations including newspaper publishers. In contrast, other applicants have been turned down due to having an "optimistic" but unsustainable schedule, or because proposed content restricted itself to news.

The revised licence award schedule:

December 2012         
Local TV Multiplex (MuxCo)

Newcastle upon Tyne
January 2013 


February 2013           





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