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Local DAB to arrive in Oxfordshire next month

Listeners around Oxfordshire will be able to listen to their local radio stations on DAB digital radio from next month, after an announcement by Arqiva to bring local DAB to more of the UK. The move follows years of delays in the expansion of local digital radio services.

£6 million is being invested by multiplex operator Arqiva to bring local DAB to Oxfordshire and three other areas within the next 12 months. Global Radio has confirmed that its Heart and Capital networks will be carried on all of the new local multiplexes announced today.

The Oxfordshire DAB multiplex will launch "in the week before Christmas" according to Digital Radio UK and Arqiva and will carry the following stations:

BBC Radio Oxford

As part of the rollout process announced today, two further local DAB multiplexes will launch during the first three months of 2013, beginning with the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire "three counties" multiplex followed by a multiplex for Northamptonshire. The long-awaited Derbyshire DAB multiplex is to follow "later in 2013".


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