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Licencing Issues force Vision 2 channels off Freeview

Vision TV Network has been forced to suspend services on Vision 2 (Freeview channel 230) following an licencing issue with regulator Ofcom.

Vision 2 provided access to Muslim and Arabic channels via a broadband enabled TV through a so-called MHEG-IC gateway that most 2012 Freeview HD receivers can access. Ofcom believes that the channels available through that gateway should be licenced. In a statement on the Vision TV Network website, the company said:

"Unfortunately, we have been forced to suspend broadcast of the Muslim and Arabia packages on Freeview Channel 230. This is because the British TV regulator OFCOM has queried whether the channels contained in those package are properly licensed and has ordered our technical supplier to cease broadcasting the data application which enables your Freeview HD device to connect to the channels over the internet.

Please be assured that we are working hard with our supplier to demonstrate to OFCOM that these channels can be broadcast in this country and we will keep you updated on progress."

Vision TV Network uses the Connect TV platform, which is owned by transmitter and multiplex operator Arqiva. Earlier today, Vision TV Network sent out a tweet, continuing to promote the channel 230 service as part of the whole service offered over two channels:

Vision TV Network has stressed that the channels on the Vision 2 package continue to be available via the arabiaone.co.uk, muslimtvuk.com and alarabiyatv.co.uk websites and via an app on the Roku TV platform. Pure internet delivered TV platforms do not fall under the jurisdication of Ofcom for TV broadcast licence purposes.

Services on the Vision TV Network via channel 225 are not affected - it is understood that this is because these services all originate within the European Union. As they are licenced in their respective EU countries, they can operate in the UK. 

Previously, Vision TV Network carried Turkish channels based outside of the EU in a package called TeleTurk, however that service stopped earlier in the year due to an unrelated matter.


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